Guess What I’m Doing This Week!

So I’ve been doing some weird things this week. Guess what they are…

  1. Running around the neighborhood yelling, “The Grizzlies are here! The Grizzlies are here!” Well, I’m just saying it now because the cops said I shouldn’t Okay, so maybe I’m whispering it, but that’s beside the point. The Grizzlies are here!
  2. Are you kidding me? It’s too cold outside for me to be running around. I’m sitting in a hot sauna with a sexy shifter. We’re playing Simon Says…
  3. Today is the day I get to feed an animal other than my cat Cinnamon. And look what kind of animals they are!
  4. No wait! The GRIZZLIES GO WILD series continued this week! Yup, my wonderful grizzly bear shifter series has started up again. This time something strange is happening in Detroit and I’m…well, I’m really excited about it.


Answer: 4!  Yes, the new trilogy launched on Tuesday with Alpha Unleashed. Fresh Fiction has already reviewed it and it is the best review of my career. So I’m pretty excited about that. As for the other options, it really is too cold for me to run around the neighborhood right now. And I wish, wish, wish that I got more sauna time somewhere, but I haven’t. I did feed a hippo and a giraffe as the pictures show, but that was back in December at the San Diego Safari Park and I loved it!


So now you’re probably thinking, what makes these grizzlies go wild? Are we talking naked pool parties? Beer bongs in the woods? What exactly makes them so much more wackadoodle than the average shifter? Well, there are lots of possible answers to that.


  1. Have you met me? I’m wackadoodle. Anything that comes out of my head is going to be extra wild!
  2. These grizzles have singing competitions with lumberjacks. The men sing, “I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay. The shifters sing, “I’m a grizzly bear and I’m okay. I eat the lumberjacks both night and day.” (If you don’t know the reference, check out the Monty Python video here:
  3. These hot guys have been pushed to the breaking point and the animal is just too strong. Fortunately, there are some kick-ass women around willing to tame these bad boys or at least help them burn off some pent up energy in the most delightful of ways.
  4. They enjoy Revolutionary War re-enactments. Yes, they play the British soldiers so people really do run down the road screaming, “The Grizzlies are Here! The Grizzlies are Here!”


Answer: 1 and 3 – Naturally anything I come up with will be fun and wild and my bears are no exception. But also, I have created a delightful series with guys struggling to keep it together. And yes, I pair them with women who help them get the upper hand on the bad guys and their personal wild natures.  As for the other options, well, I can only say that I have enjoyed Monty Python, lumberjacks, and reenactors at one time or another in my life. Who hasn’t?


So now it’s your turn. Tell me what fun thing you’re doing this week and you could win a signed print copy of Alpha Unleashed!

4 thoughts on “Guess What I’m Doing This Week!”

  1. This is Kathy Lyon’s latest and you’ll want to get your reading glasses in a hurry. It’s the kind of read that you can’t put down! Celebrate with her by commenting now!

  2. I went to the fabric store today to get some remnants to sew a new book cover. The few that I have from the RT vendor have been used for so long that some of the fabric is actually getting tiny holes from my hands gripping the book when the plot is exciting!! Hoping I will have at least a few finished before going to Reno. Hope to see you there.

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