Guess how this romance author handles holiday shopping?

Guess what kind of holiday shopper I am!

  1. Day of e-gift card sent to your inbox.
  2. I don’t know what you want. You tell me, I’ll pay for it.
  3. Forget the holiday. I shop year-round! If I see something for you, I buy it, then try to wait to give it to you until an appropriate occasion. I don’t usually make it.
  4. Catalog frenzy! I love holiday catalogs and sales. Here’s a picture of just one of the catalog piles I have. When the mood strikes me, I start going through them and searching for things for my family. Of course, I find way more that I want, but that’s perfect. I might mention them to my family as good ideas for me. GRIN!
Shopping During a Pandemic

Answer: 3 – Year-round shopping! You thought it was catalog frenzy, didn’t you? Well, I do enjoy catalog shopping, though I grieve for the trees that were killed so I can look through the Carbon2Cobalt catalog for something for my new son-in-law that probably won’t fit but I think would look good on him.

But with the lack of conferences, I’m not traveling like usual. I’m sitting at home doing what? Writing my books? Well, yes, but I can’t do that ALL THE TIME! I’ve spent more time on social media this last month than in my entire life before. And they make shopping so easy.

In the past month, I’ve purchased a wood jigsaw puzzle for my goddaughter for no reason at all. Also a Groot planter which hasn’t arrived yet. A ton of new clothes. Why? I’m not going anywhere, and yet I have plenty of new outfits for my new quarantine figure. Here’s a picture of one of my new tops that I’m going to wear to be a poll worker. And it goes perfectly with my evil pumpkins leggings.

So what about you? How do you shop? And has lockdown changed it?

Pumpkin Leggings Outfit

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