The Detroit Grizzlies are back and ready to end the plague that has been killing humans and shifters alike. TAMING HER MATE was born March 19, and I couldn’t be prouder. This is a really great book and I hope you feel as excited about it as I do, because this book…well, it was born of something really amazing. Guess what it was…

  1. A contract. I’m a working writer. If I don’t write, I don’t pay my bills. The amazing part? Just that. I write the weird things in my head, and I get paid. Which means I get paid for what I love doing the most in the world. Pretty cool, huh?
  2. Bad seafood. I ate something not so fresh at a restaurant, and while I was bowing to the porcelain altar, I thought, what if I’m changing into a shifter right now? I mean, look in the mirror. I could be a mangy bear. What if shifting worked really well for some and not so well for others? Would I survive? (I decided probably not, so it would be best if my heroes and heroines saved everyone, including me.)
  3. A bad shifter book. Yes, we’ve all read bad books, but the glory of being a writer is that when I read something crappy, I think of how I would make it better. In fact, I think I could make it spectacular! So I wrote my own amazing series and called it Grizzlies Gone Wild!
  4. I woke up one day and the idea was there with my first breath thanks to the Muse! How it came to me, why it came to me, I have no idea. Hear me now: we do not question the Muse! We simply write what the muse brings and say, Thank you!
  5. Pure love. Life is way too short to spend time on something I don’t love, and I love writing shifter stories. I like the balance between animal and man. I love the raw passion and the tempered humanity. I love the extra power these guys and gals have. I just love writing these books. And that’s the greatest rocket fuel there is for my work. The great love I have for the stories and for you, the reader who loves them as much as I do. So belly up to the bar! Taming Her Mate is a glorious tale of love and completion—male and female, bear and wolf, human and animal. Plus some pulse-pounding adventure along with some sexy times! And don’t forget the laughs. I can’t stop putting the funny into my books, so you’ll find that there too!

Answer: E.  All the answers played a roll, but honestly, I write these books because I love them. And the best part is that my readers love them too!

Here’s what the Fresh Fiction review says:

TAMING HER MATE is a gripping suspense that also happens to be a lovely paranormal romance, another installment in a series that becomes more impressive with each book.

Fresh Fiction

Check out the full review here along with buy links: id=67741

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