I have been waiting to write Lilah’s story forever! She’s a bastard raised to be genteel, and what is she supposed to do with that? Everyone in the peerage disdains her because she’s illegitimate. Normally, she’d have found a place among the lower orders, but she’s been raised genteel. She doesn’t fit in with the commoners. She’s damned no matter where she goes, so she might as well pursue what she wants.

She wants Aaron, a brand new Earl who saves her from blackguards, fights politically to help veterans, and kisses like a dream come true. Plus, he’s the brother of her best friend. So she lays all her cards on the table and makes a play for him…which fails.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? There are more fish in the sea. Time heals all wounds. Blah, blah, blah. She still wants him, but she must press into a new life and forget everything about the old. Easier said than done when Aaron seems to be everywhere she is. He’s not pursuing her, she thinks. He’s setting things up for his political career. No, he’s smoothing the way for his sister’s future. It has nothing to do with her. No, he’s declaring his intentions in a delicious manner that melts her heart.

Lord Ares Release Day

But he’s not going to marry her. A famous political wedding a bastard? It can’t be. It won’t be. Unless… If…

OMG, I loved writing this story. Lilah was bold enough to lay everything on the line and fail. I have wished that I was so strong, but I’m never that confident. She did it and failed. Ouch! But time didn’t just heal the wound, it made her more electric to write. Confident, wounded, and determined to soldier on. What a woman!

Then I had to write a man to match her vitality. A person with good reasons to turn away from her, but who couldn’t give up such a treasure. And when he starts to pursue her…Wowza! He goes for the gusto!

I love, love, love this book. Hope you do, too! Click here to start reading and to find buy links to your favorite book retailers.

Lord Ares by Jade Lee Cover

Lord Ares

Lords of the Masquerade Book 3

The Lord of War finds something sweeter than victory


He’ll fight for veterans, defend the poor, and give the shirt off his back, but he hasn’t got time for love. Aaron, Earl of Kittrel, is too busy governing England to find a wife. When a feisty fairy at his masquerade catches his attention, he’ll defend her honor, but he won’t marry her. And if he captures a kiss from her delectable lips, then it’s not enough to pull him from his duty. Or is it? Because he can’t stop thinking about her…


Lilah Rees defies categorization. Born illegitimate, she was raised as a lady. Trained to manage the most elevated of homes, she’s been dismissed by everyone with a pedigree. What could a famous Member of Parliament want with a bastard? Nothing but a kiss. So she turns her attention to forging her own way outside of the ton.

When the battle is for love, the one who surrenders wins. But who will lay down arms first? And whose heart will break wide open?

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