Gentleman Jack

My husband and I were doing something, and he remarked, “This falls under ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction.’ If it were done as fiction, no one would believe it.” Guess what we were doing.

  1. Watching the news. Weirdness abounds on every news channel/media out there.
  2. I accidentally biked straight into a parked car.
  3. Doing yoga has given me a two day (and counting) bout of vertigo
  4. Watching an HBO series called Gentleman Jack.

Answer: 4 – Gentleman Jack. It’s a tv series through HBO and BBC. It’s a historical dramatization of Anne Lister—landowner, industrialist, and an all-around brilliant woman who took on a man’s world in so many ways. Based on her diaries, the series stays faithful to what is known about her. I was fascinated by it and even more astounded when I realized all the major movements of the show were historical fact. No way did I think that this woman could truly have lived in England, 1832, but she did, and I was transfixed by the story. I definitely recommend it! Here’s the link to the trailer:

As for the other choices – I have not gone biking lately, but yes, I’d probably go straight into a parked car because I’ve been struggling with vertigo lately. Don’t know what the cause of it is except that I have taken up yoga lately and (according to WebMD) may have dislodged some calcium deposits which is messing with my equilibrium. For all of you out there suffering from vertigo, I understand now. This sucks. And finally, I truly believe the news is a daily experience in illogic, confusion, and baffling unkindness. To that I say, I send my love to the world in the hopes that it can feel safe, healthy, and whole. And I send that prayer most especially to you!



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