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The sun’s up, the sky is clear (today), and the temperature has finally gotten warm enough to go outside. Guess what I’m doing.

  1. Eating? Duh. We’re still locked down in Illinois (taking extreme precautions so I can see the new grandbaby!), so I’m eating everything while binge watching every Marvel movie.
  2. Lock down, slock down. We can go outside for walks and I’m out there! I’ve been rollerblading, gardening, running, even doing push-ups, all outside.
  3. It’s beautiful, so I’m outside…eating as I lounge in the backyard and taking calls while birds sing nearby. It’s glorious.
  4. I’m chasing every terrified critter my cat has brought inside. On my birthday, I woke up to the gift of a live shrew (larger than a mouse, smaller than a rat) as Cinnamon set it next to the bed as my gift. It’s still here because I can’t catch the thing!

Answer: A little bit of everything, but the real answer is 4. I’m still searching for that shrew. YUCK! But I have been eating because I like food. And I’ve been going back through the Marvel movies because who doesn’t love a hot superhero and funny quips? I have been rollerblading because it’s beautiful, but push-ups and gardening? No way. That’s actual work. I have done calls while sitting in the sun, and my agent loved the bird calls she heard.

So what have you been up to this summer?

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