Cover Reveal – A New Grizzlies Gone Wild book from Kathy Lyons

Guess why I love March?
A. I’m a Shakespeare addict and I get to go around warning everyone to “Beware the Ides of March”
B. I’m a trivia nut and I love telling people that the Ides of March is March 15.
C. I’m a huge basketball nut and March Madness is sacred in my house
D. It’s the month when we get flashes of the spring to come. And wow, do I long for spring.
E. Alpha Unleashed comes out on March 6 and I get to celebrate it all month long!
Answer: E –The newest Grizzlies Gone Wild book comes out March 6 and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Cover and back cover copy are below. (My big reveal!) And if you want to win a signed, print copies of the first trilogy, then enter the contest below. As for the other options, I’m really bad at trivia including Shakespeare trivia, so A and B are out. And though my husband enjoys March Madness, I usually read while he’s cheering on the Michigan Wolverines. (Go blue!) Answer D is true because I am anxious for spring, but that means I adore the month of May and have been known to sing “The Lusty Month of May” quite often. That does not make me fond of March at all. So this year, March is all about Alpha Unleashed.

And now…(drumroll)…the amazing cover for Alpha Unleashed!

Alpha Unleashed - Kathy Lyons

“Alpha Unleashed is a fast-paced, wild bear-shifter ride! I loved it!” — New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Ashley

Some men aren’t meant to be tamed. Especially if they’re Grizzlies Gone Wild.


Alyssa Nelson doesn’t actually believe that Simon Gold is a shape-shifting grizzly bear—until she sees it firsthand. Aaaaand the award for Totally Surprising Changes goes to Simon Gold. But Alyssa doesn’t have time to deal with the fact that her ruggedly hot, long-time secret crush is a shifter . . . not when her brother has turned into one, too.

After ten months in bear form, Simon is struggling. He’s not ready to deal with anyone, let alone the bold and gorgeous Alyssa. Mine, whispers his bear. But all hell has broken loose in the Detroit shifter community, and it’s spreading to humans. Now Simon must face the darkest place of all: where bear and man become one. And the only way he can make it back to his humanity is by finding—and claiming—his mate.

So who wants signed, print copies of the first trilogy? Click here to enter!  Tell me why grizzlies are the best shifters and you could win. (And if you don’t know why bears are best, just say, “Because Kathy Lyons writes the best shifters!” and you’ll be entered too!)

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