The third book in my Rakes and Rogues series comes out August 2nd. It continues my focus on making sure you laugh until your sides hurt as you root for the happily ever after. And—for long time readers—you get to guess which animal features in the plot.

  1. Turkey – a battle to the death between suitors and a waddling fowl!
  2. Pig – Ale soaked mash is his favorite!
  3. Parakeet – Teach him to say something scandalous! Er, I mean proper!
  4. Cat – Who doesn’t love a fluffy kitty cat that is so snooty she won’t let anyone pet her?

Answer: 3  – the parakeet.

The turkey/suitor battle was featured in 50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE. The drunken pig harassed the hero in ONE ROGUE AT A TIME. The parakeet is indeed the center of a scandalous wager between the hero and heroine. She’s trying to teach it to say, “happy day.” The hero’s phrase is a great deal more shocking. And finally, the cat is my own difficult creature who plagues me with her constant fickleness. Her typical morning routine consists of ordering me to pet her so she can change her mind. She’ll walk away and then come back clearly annoyed because I haven’t worshiped her. And yet, I adore her.

Go figure!

As Rich as a Rogue by Kathy Lyons

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