Corn Ice Cream and Sweltering Heat

Travel to NYC is always fun, but add in the Romance Writers of America conference and a book launch, and life got really fun, really fast. It all started before I left when I…

  1. Was super organized, finished all my work beforehand, and even got to the airport on time.
  2. Was an insane nutcase who packed all the wrong clothes, had all the wrong flights, and it was a miracle I didn’t get lost on the way from LaGuardia airport to the hotel.
  3. Woke early, handled TSA and NYC taxis with aplomb. I only lost it when I realized I’d forgotten my laptop.
  4. Spent way too many hours cleaning out presents from my cat which she’d dropped into my luggage.

Answer: 1.  I’m shocked too! Yes, I got the work done ahead of schedule, binge watched Arrow while I was doing laundry and packing, and ended up being very Zen throughout the whole conference. In fact, it was so odd for me that lots of people commented on it and I felt very strange. Who is this calm person? What happened to my zany, nutso life?

THE-PLAYER-COVER-ONLYA PLAYER NEXT DOOR by Kathy Lyons released on Tuesday of the conference at a reduced, come try it out price. Immediately I got a ton of reviews and thank God, they all loved the book. And instead of sitting at home obsessively checking my Amazon ranking, I was…

  1. Obsessively checking my ranking via my phone while in the hotel lobby.
  2. Hanging out at Lady Jane’s Salon and winning books from fav author Leanna Renee Hieber.
  3. Getting cheap sushi with Damon Suede while he talked about corn flavored ice cream.
  4. Sweating to death as I tried to walk in NYC without melting in heat.

Answer: All of the above. When I had a moment, I was watching my ranking, but mostly I was having fun with Leanna and Damon. And yes, he does indeed love corn flavored ice cream. (Must be a NYC thing). And yes, it was sticky hot in NYC, but I seemed to enjoy myself anyway! For more pictures of NYC, look at the previous blog or my Twitter feed!


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