The Stone Men—Volume 2


Meet stone men Tristan and Thabo, slaves of hedonistic goddesses, their bodies and consciousness imprisoned in stone until needed.

To break the curse, each must find true love. But what modern woman believes in real magic? That statues can come to life? Or that evil goddesses will do anything to keep their playthings enslaved?

Book 1—ROCK CANDY by Kathy Lyons

Doomed as a warrior-slave until he finds two others to serve in his place, Thabo is salvaged from his 200-year-old watery grave by Molly Parker. But before Molly can do more than admire her stone man, her uncle attempts to steal her prize and Thabo reveals himself to save Molly. Now Molly intends to save Thabo from his evil goddess, but only by losing themselves to each other can they both win their heart’s desire.

Book 2—HEART OF STONE by Anna Argent

Broken in a hundred pieces, Tristan has given up emotion to survive the Goddess’s enslavement… until art expert Bethany Kinden painstakingly rebuilds him, and the Goddess makes him a deal. He can have Bethany as his curator, if Bethany can convince his current curator to free him. But the thug who owns him, also has Bethany’s brother. The ransom: Tristan, in one piece.

ePublishing Works
March 26, 2017

227 pages

Paranormal Romance

The Stone Men Series Boxed Set 2 (Stone Men, #2)

Praise for The Stone Men—Vol 2

5 stars — The mythology is rich, and there is no guessing at this point where the goddesses are going, I’m hooked and will HAVE to read the next books ! – Goodreads review

I really do love this series. Although each book can be read by itself with no background some characters reappear so following the story through from the first one gives a little added character development. The stories all flow well and the authors have once again excelled.  – Goodreads review

The writing was very good and this duo was a different take on paranormal romance. Both books were ‘steamy’ and the stories interesting. – Goodreads review

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