Taking Care of Business

Talk about job perks!


It begins with some seriously sexy action in the elevator. And it doesn’t stop there. Julie Thompson is living out her naughtiest fantasies at work. Who knew she’d find a secret fling right in her own office building?

Sam Finn can’t believe his good fortune. The undercover multimillionaire has been watching Julie via the security monitors and now he has her in his arms anytime he wants! And he wants her there a lot!

In fact, he’s quickly becoming addicted to the great sex they share. Unfortunately, he’s just learned that Julie’s company is failing and she’ll be leaving for good in three weeks.

It’ll take all of Sam’s business savvy to save the situation. But he’ll do iteven if it means making Julie an offer she can’t possibly refuse…

Harlequin Blaze
November 1, 2010

224 pages

Contemporary Romance

Taking Care of Business

Available in Print and eBook Formats