Seducing the Skeptic

Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons

Desperate to save her fellowship, theoretical physicist Janet Mason has 48 hours to build a better thesis when she tumbles into a strange fantasy world with demented birds, farmers shaped like frogs, and one hot, frustrating prince.

Cornered by angry beasts, Prince Keeven is moments away from death when Janet’s sudden appearance creates a much-needed distraction. Finally, the gods have smiled upon his quest and sent an angel to fight by his side.

Janet is convinced she’s gone insane. But the more time she spends fighting evil with the fascinating Prince, the faster she falls in love with madness.

Then Janet finds a way back, just as Keeven faces his worst enemy. They have one chance to save both worlds, but only if they sacrifice everything they’ve ever wanted.

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December 1, 2015

275 pages

Paranormal Romance

Seducing the Skeptic (Accidental Angels, #1)

Praise for Seducing the Sceptic

5 stars — This romp is fast paced and loaded with humor. I loved the characters in Seducing The Skeptic. There is plenty of drama and action that will keep the pages flipping. – Goodreads review

5 stars — A humorous, upbeat, adventure romance that reads like a gift to sci-fi and fantasy fans. – Goodreads review

5 stars — I’m a science geek. Even have an advanced degree. I usually try to poke holes in the world building. I was just too busy laughing and wondering when and how the characters were going to save the day and get together. Thank you for the fun romp. – Goodreads review

This book was fun and silly. Like Alice in Wonderland with a sci-fi twist, and instead of a rabbit we get a hunky prince. Craziness issues. Fun, easy read. – Goodreads review

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