No Place for a Lady by Jade lee

The Regency Rags to Riches (Book 1)


The rookeries were slums, shunned by London’s upper crust, but an assassination was being planned there and Marcus Kane, Lord Chadwick, was told he would not be able to navigate the labyrinthine underworld alone. His time spying in France was not experience enough; he would require a partner.

Fantine Delarive was the one. She knew the street better than he, had survived it for years and knew its every criminal. And though those things made her entirely unsuitable to one of his acquaintance he began to see that Miss Fanny fit in everywhere the investigation led-even the crushes of the ton. She fit in brilliantly. Which changed everything. Marcus knew his heart was no place for a well-born lady, but Fantine was not exactly a lady. She was something infinitely more exciting. He began to dream of something far less suitable than an acquaintanceship with Miss Fanny…and vowed to end with nothing less than marriage.

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October 4, 2012

372 pages

Historical Romance

No Place for a Lady

Praise for No Place for a Lady

“A fast-paced historical complete with side-splitting humor. No wonder the Madcap award for romantic comedy put [Jade Lee] right alongside Teresa Medeiros and Betina Krahn!” — Romantic Times

The writing is absolutely beautiful. She creates from the beginning effortlessly a romantic and touch-feely atmosphere. While she allows the plot to be told in third person she never forgets the reader and guides them carefully through the difficult topic of schizophrenia or the dangers of the slums. – Zimt’s Reviews

5 stars — Fantine and Marcus have a lively, romping, thrilling good time protecting so mms e one from death in the robberies of grand London. Fantine is raised by her actress mother until her death when she found out who her father was. Then as a spy to help her father she does odd jobs and gathers information. Marcus is a spy who is no sure of his abilities any convenience his brother’s death. Now the two have to protect an MP from being murdered and locate the man behind the plot. In all the mayhem the two banter and bicker and act their way throughout this outrageous comedy of errors romance. In the end they earn their HEA. – Tina Ulrich’s Reviews

5 stars — I laughed out loud so many times throughout this story. Fantine is a bastard woman with a noble father, but she won’t let her father set her up on the side. Instead, she makes her own way as a spy in the underbelly of London. Lord Marcus has put his espionage days behind him, but when called for one last case, he can’t help but step up to protect his country. When the two are forced to work together, sparks fly. Fantine is a wonderfully unique woman. She is kind and compassionate, but still innocent at her core in spite of her growing up in the seedier section of London. The romance was well written and the characters were engaging. – Kyra Dunst

5 stars — This had the right amount of everything. From keeping me on the edge of my seat to keeping me in stitches. I laughed so hard I had to but the book down till I could read and absorb the words without the fits of laughter. – Kerry

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