Miss Woodley's Kissing Experiment by Jade Lee

A Lady’s Lessons (Book 3)

Geoffrey Rathburn, Earl of Tallis, will soon overcome his father’s gambling debts. However, to pay his sister’s dowry before her London wedding, he must marry an heiress.

But the dowagers and daughters parading through his house are only after his titlejust as he is after their money. Then a young woman climbs into his music room from a tree branch wanting something entirely different.

Caroline Woodley is no heiress. Indulged by her father who allows her to help with his scientific experiments, Caroline is conducting an experiment of her own. A Kissing Experiment.

Of course, Geoffrey is happy to assist; certain he can make Caroline tingle, just as she theorizes a woman should. The real question is: can he win her heart as she has won his?

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November 1, 2012

280 pages

Historical Romance

Miss Woodley's Kissing Experiment (A Lady's Lessons, Book 3): Regency Romance

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Praise for Miss Woodley’s Kissing Experiment

“…written with humor…an enjoyable, fast-paced read.”RT Book Reviews

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