A Lady’s Lessons (Book 2)

Lady Sophia has seen enough death and loss in the military hospital to last her a lifetime. So, when the wildly handsome Major Anthony Wyclyff, whom she’s been caring for these past months, is given no hope of survival, she grants him his fondest wishher promise to marry.

Then the blasted man recovers!

The only thing that kept Anthony from giving into death was Sophia’s promise to marry him. Now he’s determined to claim his bride. The right flanking attack will bring him closer to her manor, her parlor, then her bedroom. Terms of surrender should quickly follow.

But the only terms Sophia will hear are terms of love.

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November 1, 2012

266 pages

Historical Romance

Major Wyclyff's Campaign (A Lady's Lessons, Book 2): Regency Romance

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Praise for Major Wyclyff’s Campaign

“…splendid…witty…complete with eccentric characters and highly amusing antics.”RT Book Reviews

A Lady’s Lessons

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