Into the Lyon’s Den

Into the Lyon's Den by Kathy Lyons

The Lyon’s Den Connected World

From USA Today Bestselling author JADE LEE, a lush tale from the greatest, most notorious gambling den in London. Welcome to the world of THE LYON’S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World!

Intrigue makes for strange bedfellows…

Elliott, Lord Byrn, often found himself in strange places, but none is more bizarre than the infamous Lyon’s Den gaming house in a tony part of London. The gambling doesn’t surprise him, nor the salacious things rumored to happen in the upstairs rooms. What shocks him is a slip of a girl jeweler/fence who bargains with him over a missing brooch. He needs her to refashion the thing before anyone else realizes it is missing and she drives a hard bargain.

Harder than he can imagine…

Amber Gohar lives her days in the gray world of a gambling hell, but she dreams of escaping into the vibrant world of the ton. When the opportunity arises for her to spend just one night at a society ball, she grabs it with both hands, never expecting that she would also be taking hold of a man who set her heart on fire. But once she realizes what she’s done, she won’t let go. She can’t. Happily ever after doesn’t come easily, or for free, in the world of The Lyon’s Den.

How these two unlikely bedfellows discover their best bargain will set both the ton, and The Lyon’s Den, on fire.


Dragonblade Publishing, Inc
February 27, 2020

304 pages

Historical Romance

Into the Lyon's Den: The Lyon's Den Connected World

What People Are Saying

“A unique historical romance with unusual plotlines and wonderful characterizations! … The story’s shining light is the intelligent and charming heroine, Amber. She will make readers grin and fall for her energetic, positive energy. … “Into the Lyon’s Den” is a satisfying story and a pleasure to read” InD’tale Magazine

“Quite intriguing.” – 4 starsUncaged Book Review

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