Hitting It

Hitting It by Kathy Lyons

Locker Room Diaries Book 1

This heavy hitter knows how to score.

Making it to the Major Leagues is all rookie ballplayer, Rob Lee, has ever dreamed of. But now, he’s a little overwhelmed with his new celebrity status. Everyone wants a piece of the new heavy hitter for the Indianapolis Bobcats. Still, he’s worked hard for it, and he doesn’t have many regrets. Although there is one…

If journalist Heidi Wong wants to keep her job, she needs to come up with a story—fast! That’s why she tells her boss that she knows the Bobcat’s reclusive new slugger, Rob Lee. And she does…in the Biblical sense. During Spring Break three years ago, she and Rob shared a torrid night on the beach. And she’s wanted him again ever since.

But everyone knows reporters and athletes don’t mix. Rob’s contract doesn’t allow him to talk to the press, and her job depends on it. Which is driving them both just a little crazy…

Entangled: Brazen
May 14, 2018

212 pages

Contemporary Romance

Hitting It It (Locker Room Diaries, #1)

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Praise for Hitting It

HITTING IT is a smart and sexy romance that will warm you like sunshine on a warm spring day. The feeling of contented happiness will not leave you after you turn the last page of HITTING IT. It is just that good.” – Monique Daoust – Fresh Fiction – May 4, 2018

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