By Fate's Hand

By Fate's Hand | A Paranormal Romance Anthology

A Paranormal Romance Anthology

Includes Between Heaven and Hell by Kathy Lyons—Jade Lee writing as Katherine Greyle

When all seems lost and mere mortals despair, love sometimes needs a gentle hand to guide it. . . .

The hand of fate delivers a magical gift: a needle made of gold, designed to last through the ages. From woman to woman, it passes through generations, mending hearts as well as cloth. Watch as a fair lady imprisoned on Avalon heals one of Arthur’s knights—and in doing so frees them both to find the happiness they crave. Travel the early American plains beside a frightened young bride as she mends her new husband’s shirts—and searches for the pioneering spirit she needs to be his helpmate. Flit through a virtual reality of fairy tales with a bewildered young executive who’s looking for a sedative—but who finds her Prince Charming, instead.

Through centuries and against the odds, the golden needle weaves a tapestry rich in laughter and tears as it restores hope, inspires faith, and sews the seeds of love in every woman whose life it touches.

Meet the women and their heroes . . . and smile as fate takes a hand in making their dreams come true.

ImaJinn Books
March 30, 2011

248 pages

Paranormal Romance

By Fate's Hand

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