Burning Tigress

Burning Tigress by Jade Lee

The Way of The Tigress (Book 4)

Charlotte Wicks wants more. Running her parents’ Shanghai household is necessary drudgery, but a true 19th-century woman deserves something deeperher body cries out for it! Through a Taoist method, her friend Joanna Crane became a Tigress. Why should Charlotte be denied the same?

Her mother would call her wanton. She would label Charlotte’s curiosity evil. Certainly the teacher Charlotte desires is fearsome. Glimpses of his body inspire flutters in her stomach and tingling in her core. The man had a reputation among the females of the city as a bringer of great pleasure. There is only one choice to make.

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May 16, 2012

356 pages

Historical Romance

Burning Tigress (Tigress, #4)

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Praise for Burning Tigress

“An exotic story of… visiting Heaven during oneness.” — Romance Reviews Today

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