Alpha Betrayed


Only those who have touched darkness know how to fight it.

Mary Ann Cook is a pro at moving on—especially from the man who shattered her heart ten years ago. Now, she’s focused on giving her son the best life possible. But her world is about to shatter around her, unleashing threats too terrifying to be real.

Zach Viho’s nightmares are coming true. And it’s not just the ghost of that terrible decision he made so long ago that’s keeping him up at night. His vision has revealed that Mary Ann is in grave danger—and so is the little boy that has his eyes.

Determined to correct the mistakes of the past, he’ll defy his clan and risk everything. But even with his incredible powers, he might not be strong enough to save his son … or the woman he never should have abandoned.

Maple House Publishing
April 27, 2022

320 pages

Paranormal Romance

Alpha Betrayed

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