Almost a Scot

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Always a Scot Book 3

Sometimes a Lady Needs a Villain…

Welcome to book 3 in the bestselling series Always a Scot from USA Today Bestselling author Jade Lee.


Iseabail Spalding is on the run, desperately searching for a man who can stand up to her uncle. She’s hiding in London, pretending to be an empty-headed debutante, but someone has discovered her secret. The villainous seducer Reuben Bates demands she bend to his will or be exposed.


Reuben means to marry into the aristocracy, and if that means leveraging Miss Spalding’s secrets to his advantage, well, that’s her problem. Until she surprises him. The clever beauty matches him scheme for scheme. Better yet, she sees his merit even though he is nothing but a gutter rat with big plans. Then she runs out of time, and he’s sworn to abandon her.


Reuben must give up the future he’s always wanted to help the angel who’s caught his eye. It won’t work unless Iseabail trusts him completely, and trust is the one thing she will not do. But she can love, and he can adapt.

Together they’ll risk everything, including their lives, to face an entrenched evil in Scotland.

Dragonblade Publishing, Inc
October 27, 2022

Historical Romance

Praise for Almost a Scot

Again Jade Lee pens another powerful masterpiece that just blew me away! I loved this story so much! It is filled with drama, mystery, suspense, honor, trust, plus a love story that will absolutely sweep readers away! . I think this story is different from any of the books I have previously read and the action packed plotting is absolutely brilliant! As I never knew what was about to happen next which definitely had my heart racing! Even the secondary characters are amazing in this book. – 5 stars

Celtic Barb’s Saltire Review Blog

I REALLY enjoyed this intriguing book. It had adventure, strong women and a strong man who knew when his women needed to lead. – 5 stars

Ceara Merkle Reviews

“Jade Lee books…are always great fun…[She] keeps my attention on the page, and I love how her characters are many-sided and grow as they experience the adventure. This vigorous historical romance has an earthy seasoning and looks at Scottish witches, reminiscent of the Scottish play, even while partly set in London.”

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