I’m trying to get in the habit of telling people online about books I read that I really enjoy. My tastes are all over the place, so don’t expect consistency. You’re as likely to hear about my new tarot deck as a romance novel. Anyway, I just finished Charlaine Harris’ A Longer Fall. That’s book 2 in her Gunnie Rose series. Book 1 was An Easy Death.

Guess why I picked it up?

  1. My husband loved True Blood, and I loved Midnight, Texas. Of course, I’d pick up the Gunnie Rose series. So…when is the tv show?
  2. Charlaine is joining me at Book Lover’s Con as part of my Love the Shifter, Love the Man event. I needed to read her latest and, boy, do I love it!
  3. Western/future/dystopia is my jam. I loved Firefly, after all. Why wouldn’t I pick up this gem?
  4. I’m reading in alphabetical order. I’m up to authors beginning with Charlaine.

Answer – A and B. Yes, I love Charlaine’s work and would read her stuff anyway, but I was pushed to read faster because I’m going to be hanging out with her at Book Lover’s Con. I can’t wait! As for the other two, I did love Firefly, but it’s not usually a reading genre. And I’ve never been organized enough to be alphabetical about anything.

Books I Love | A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris

Guess why I loved it?

  1. I really love how that phrase encapsulates the heroine’s world.
  2. Duh. Tight writing with a great voice. This series is my favorite of Charlaine’s books for exactly that reason. There was one paragraph (in the first love scene) in A Longer Fall that took my breath away. The entire romance was there in one paragraph, and it was incredible.
  3. Fun adventure. Why else would you read an adventure book?

Answer: All of the above. These were fun books that I thoroughly enjoyed! 

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