Black/White Left/Right: Jade Goes Either/Or

Today’s OMG post is going to be a bunch of either/or questions. Don’t think hard, they’re really not that deep.  Okay, here we go

Dark or Milk Chocolate?

  • Jade’s answer: DARK though, honestly, my first thought was why do I have to choose?

Kitty-in-Paper-towels-e1432846553869-768x1024Cat or Dog?

  • Jade’s answer: Cat! Dogs have to be walked every day, and I’m really not that generous with my time. Plus, I’m not a big fan of slobber. Cats just do what they want when they want. Perfect pet for the lazy person I am. And see above for a special picture of the goofball that is my cat (when she was a kitten).



When hanging out with your special someone, do you prefer walking hand in hand on the beach or snuggling up close while watching tv?

  • Jade’s answer: If I only lived close to a beach, there might be walking, but I already said I’m lazy, right? And I live in downstate Illinois where the nearest beach so mega far away. So snuggling up while watching tv is my norm.

Now here’s the trick question. Do you prefer Jade Lee or Kathy Lyons?

  • Jade’s answer: Jade. DUH!
  • Kathy’s answer: Kathy. DUH!

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