I recently did something that brought me a new perspective. Guess what?

  1. I bought a snowblower and now I’m really excited for the next snowfall!
  2. A rice cooker that also does oatmeal. Breakfast and dinner are completely new!
  3. Did you know you could put honey in tea? I’ve been buying new teas and new honeys. A whole host of things to drink!
  4. A new office chair for my newly rearranged office.

Answer: 4 – I rearranged my office and bought a new chair. I now work in a totally different corner of my office which gives me something new to see when I look out my window. Guess what?

  1. My neighbors. Yup, I’m peeping through their kitchen window at what they’re cooking for dinner
  2. Did you see the title of this blog? I can now see a bird bath that has been there ignored forever and a new bird feeder
  3. Snow, snow-covered fallen leaves that I never raked, and snow-covered bushes that need a trim.
  4. Christmas ornaments! I bought them at the same time I ordered my new chair!

Answer: 2 – There was a birdbath we’ve had forever but I completely ignored. And from my new office chair, I had a great view of a pair of cardinals pecking at the debris in the bath. Well, that wouldn’t do! I cleaned it out and put in fresh water. Guess what? I can now view bird antics while drinking my coffee. I also refilled the bird feeder! I’ve tried to get a picture but it’s hard to see through the screen. That smudge in the middle is a bird having a great time!

Bird Bath - Kathy Lyons

In the meantime, I’ll talk about the other things I’ve mentioned. No snow yet, so no snowblower or snow covered anything. Just a lot of yard work I’m ignoring. I did get a new rice cooker that does oatmeal, so I’m learning about it. Same with teas and honey, but none of it is precisely new information. I’m not looking through my neighbor’s windows at all, but here is a picture of my new Christmas decorations.

XMAS Decor - Kathy Lyons

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