August Musings

Hello Beautiful!

I’m having a lovely August, how about you? I was in NYC for the Romance Writers of America national conference last month, so guess what I did when I got home?

  1. Laundry. Duh.
  2. Slept for a week. Might have something to do with the massive hangover from RITA night.
  3. Rapidly got together a bunch of proposals for new projects and whipped them off to editors all over the publishing industry.
  4. Binge-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Answer: 4. I’ve been reading a biography of Joss Whedon and just had to relive those Buffy years. Laundry is only now being contemplated a week later. I have a plethora of ratty shorts and tanks, but even those are getting low. As for the rest, well you might see a few new projects in the wind in the next few months, but nothing happens fast in this industry.


Something cool did happen last month. Did you miss it? Guess what it was.

  1. THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR by Kathy Lyons was released to awesome reviews! Woo hoo! Check out what the experts have to say and get your own copy now. The story will take you away from the sweltering heat of August.
  2. I joined as a cheerleader for the NY Knicks. See me in my cheerleader tee?
  3. I got the cover for December’s ONE ROGUE AT A TIME (which I constantly spell, ËOne Rouge,’ which is not the same thing!) Since it’s not available yet, you can pre-order it. You’ll be the first among your friends to read it and find out how it all ends!
  4. My cat gifted me with a live snake for dinner.

Answer: 1 and 3.
Yes, THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR has arrived. Here’s the cover for ONE ROGUE AT A TIME. Isn’t it beautiful? I did not join the Knicks, though in a different body, I could be a kick ass cheerleader! (I have the spirit, not the body). And though my cat, Cinnamon, loves to “feed” me all sorts of critters, she has yet to bring home a snake. Birds, voles, mice, and bunnies are her norm.











So that’s it from me. How’s it going in your neck of the woods? Don’t forget both Jade Lee and Kathy Lyons have monthly giveaway contests at Fresh Fiction. You’ll find Jade’s here and Kathy’s here. Enter for your chance to win lots of goodies.

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  1. I forgot all about the Kathy Lyons book coming out. I will have to get that one soon. Sounds like you had fun at the conference.

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