As Rich as a Rogue is now interactive!

Are you ready to choose your next historical romance adventure? CHAPTERS, an interactive storytelling app for mobile phone, tablet, or computer, has just released a new interactive story based on my book, As Rich as a Rogue!

As Rich as a Rogue Chapters Interactive Stories

Available for the first time today, you can download the As Rich as a Rogue interactive story here:

If you download the app and want to check out the game, send me a message at with your Game ID by Friday, November 6, and I’ll reward two people 25 gems for in-game play.

For even more chances to win, follow Chapters on your favorite social network, and let the games begin!

Not a game player but want to know more about the book? Enjoy this quick teaser and read a longer excerpt.

As Rich as a Rogue by Kathy Lyons

As Rich as a Rogue

A most unusual wager…

Mari Powel’s fiery Welsh temper is up.

Peter Norwood, Lord Whitly, is back in town after six years romping around India making his fortune. Mari blames him for her social downfall and has spent all this time clawing her way back into the ton’s good graces. How dare he show up on his first day back and publicly embroil her in a bet involving long-awaited apologies, illicit kisses, and Lady Illston’s unruly parakeet? Mari is outraged and is going to show him-and everyone else-what she’s made of.

Little does she know, the unrepentant Lord Whitly has been dreaming of her all this time. Now he’ll do anything to win the wager-along with Mari’s heart.

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