Writer’s Life

Kathy Lyons (aka Jade Lee)

Holiday Recovery!

I am sitting at my (brand new!) computer for the first time in a week. Everyone has left from the holiday and it took me an hour to re-assemble my writing space from where I’d thrown things to hide them from company. I still don’t know where the new book outline is, but that’s okay.

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August Musings

Hello Beautiful! I’m having a lovely August, how about you? I was in NYC for the Romance Writers of America national conference last month, so guess what I did when I got home? Laundry. Duh. Slept for a week. Might have something to do with the massive hangover from RITA night. Rapidly got together a bunch of proposals for new projects and whipped them off to editors all over the publishing industry. Binge-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Answer: 4. I’ve been reading a biography of Joss Whedon and just had to relive those Buffy years. Laundry is only now being contemplated a week later. I have a plethora of ratty shorts and tanks, but even those are getting low. As for the rest, well you might see a few new projects in the wind in the next few months, but nothing happens fast in this industry.   Something cool did

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