What I Do in the In-Between Time

I just turned in Lord Lucifer. I turned it in so early, we are going to release it early! So now the book is done (at least until revisions). Phew! Guess what I do next…

Dragonblade Publishing Interview

Dragonblade Publishing dug deep into my writing process in this fun interview to promote the release of my latest historical romance, Into the Lyon’s Den.

The New Normal*

As I write this, it’s the middle of April and Illinois has just been shut down until the end of May. I’m listening to my husband on a work call talking to his boss about setting up “A new normal” and I’m thinking, yeah, we’re definitely finding that.

When it DOESN’T work

It’s a glorious thing when the words are right. I cannot describe it except in the most cliché terms. So what do I do when the words are NOT right? When everything feels flat and nothing I do makes it right?

Today I Accomplished Laundry

Today, I accomplished laundry.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve done. Now before you say, “Good for you!”, let me point out that I did MY laundry. Just mine. No one else’s.

Grizzlies Gone Wild Series

After THE END by Jade Lee

I just wrote THE END on the second of my grizzly shifter books. Yes, you read that right – grizzly bear shifters! Guess what I did right afterwards.