Guess What I’m Doing!

So I’m hard at work on a new project. Guess what. Making a Christmas tree out of painted cardboard boxes and red Starbucks cups. It’s a b**** to clean those out, btw, after I’ve sucked every last dreg of caffeine out of them. Cleaning out my guest room because the relatives are descending this Christmas. I can stuff the adults in that room. The kids will sleep on the floor on air mattresses. But wtf do I do with the dog? Attic? Basement? My poor cat will end up spending the holidays under my bed. Candlemaking for the nose blind. Yup. I’m melting wax and putting a wick in it, then adding random scents as I find them. Dirty socks? Got that. Lavender and garlic? Why not? I’m writing about Grizzly Bear Shifters! First title will come out fall of 2016 as TOUCHED BY THE BEAST by Kathy Lyons. Answer: […]

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