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Unexpected Thanks

I know that by the time this blog goes live, everyone will be deep into holiday shopping (or avoiding holiday shopping) and Thanksgiving will be a lost memory except for when our clothes feel tight. But for the moment, I’d like to slip there and revisit gratitude. We all know the three Fs — family, friends, and food. Add in the the basics of life like clothing and shelter, and we’ve got a list that will satisfy any social gathering. Except, I’m going to be grateful for the weird things. And you get to guess what they are. As always, the answer could be all, none, or some combination of my multiple choice. I’m grateful for… My cat when she brings us presents. Yes, Cinnamon adores hunting and bringing home her toys. My husband and I then spend a great deal of time chasing partially chewed mice about the house […]

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Guess What I’m Doing!

So I’m hard at work on a new project. Guess what. Making a Christmas tree out of painted cardboard boxes and red Starbucks cups. It’s a b**** to clean those out, btw, after I’ve sucked every last dreg of caffeine out of them. Cleaning out my guest room because the relatives are descending this Christmas. I can stuff the adults in that room. The kids will sleep on the floor on air mattresses. But wtf do I do with the dog? Attic? Basement? My poor cat will end up spending the holidays under my bed. Candlemaking for the nose blind. Yup. I’m melting wax and putting a wick in it, then adding random scents as I find them. Dirty socks? Got that. Lavender and garlic? Why not? I’m writing about Grizzly Bear Shifters! First title will come out fall of 2016 as TOUCHED BY THE BEAST by Kathy Lyons. Answer:

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The Holidays are Coming – as well as One Very Sexy Rogue!

I’ve got a book coming out December 1! Guess what it’s about. A. Hot aliens land, abduct my cat, and I have adventures as I go off and rescue my sweet Cinnamon. B. A hot, hot hero takes a hot, hot heroine to Antarctica where they get naked, cool off, and then discuss their pets as they return home to their real lives. C. Grizzly bear shifters. Need I say more? D. A woman intent on proving her legitimacy and the rogue she needs to help her achieve her goals. Answer: C! Just kidding. There might be Grizzly bear shifters in my future, but that’s for another time. The answer is indeed D (though I’d love to read about A). One Rogue at a Time is releasing soon. Check it out here  including a first chapter excerpt and a deleted scene! The reviews have been great. RT even gave it a

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Yoga and the Middle Aged Woman

I’ve decided to take up yoga again. Most of you already know that I’m pretty athletic. I play racquetball a lot and I lift weights once a week. Stretching, however, is not part of my routine. I make half hearted attempts at it, but really, I’m happier sitting in a sauna which isn’t the same thing at all. Sadly, sciatic pain and other tight muscles have convinced me that it’s time to try it again. Once long ago, I taught yoga classes, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get back into it, right? Guess what I discovered.   A decade of not stretching was a really bad idea. Touch my toes? Well, I can get to my knees. Does that count? A strong core from weight lifting is not the same thing as abs of steel. And neither seems to be much help when I try to get into

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I am not a woman who repeats phases. I’m a been-there-done-that kind of girl. There’s so much more in the world to explore, why would I go back to something I’ve already done? I don’t usually repeat movies or books, would much rather go to a new restaurant no matter how weird than repeat an old one, and I’m not even all that excited about repeat vacations. Give me something new. So it was with considerable shock that I’m repeating two of the following phases. Guess which ones. Was hugely into it 28 years ago, and have suddenly decided to buy my own bowling ball and shoes. Crochet, embroidery, needlework I used to do it all before kids. Suddenly, I’m stocking up on yarn and looking at specialty hooks again. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I started reading Joss Whedon’s biography and just had to revisit this awesome TV show. When

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Corn Ice Cream and Sweltering Heat

Travel to NYC is always fun, but add in the Romance Writers of America conference and a book launch, and life got really fun, really fast. It all started before I left when I… Was super organized, finished all my work beforehand, and even got to the airport on time. Was an insane nutcase who packed all the wrong clothes, had all the wrong flights, and it was a miracle I didn’t get lost on the way from LaGuardia airport to the hotel. Woke early, handled TSA and NYC taxis with aplomb. I only lost it when I realized I’d forgotten my laptop. Spent way too many hours cleaning out presents from my cat which she’d dropped into my luggage. Answer: 1.  I’m shocked too! Yes, I got the work done ahead of schedule, binge watched Arrow while I was doing laundry and packing, and ended up being very Zen

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Exciting Week!

So this week is really exciting for me. Guess why? Because my life is always exciting! I get to dream up stuff and write it down! I have a very rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m going to be in NYC for the RWA National conference. I’ll get to see my writer peeps, talk books with my editors, and generally hang out in the Big Apple! THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR by Kathy Lyons finally releases!  Woo hoo! Answer: 3 and 4.   Yup, it’s A double whammy week. I’m going to be in NYC for the Romance Writers of America conference.  I’ll be speaking and part of the Awards Ceremony, so if you’re there, come find me!  We can have a chat and a chew and a good time all around. This is also the week when my newest Kathy Lyons book, THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR releases. It’s a really fun book about the silliness

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Cover Reveal

I’ve got some exciting things coming up. Guess what! A cover reveal for One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. It’s an amazing heart-throbbing romance. Duh. That’s what the subject heading is. A new book out from Kathy Lyons. The Player Next Door. It’s an incredibly cool story that will melt your heart. RWA National Conference (that’s Romance Writers of America, for those who were wondering) in NYC. I’ll be there. Will you? Be sure to see me at my panel appearance on Writing a Novel in 30 Days. I’m going to be part of RWA’s award ceremony. Yup! I was asked to create part of a story about a woman coming to New York to find her dream come true. My part? I created the villain and will read my section of the story during the ceremony. Answer: All of the Above!  TheThe Player Next Door has been revealed for a while, and is

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