I just finished the fabulous Coastal Magic Conference in Daytona Beach, FL. Guess what the highlights were… Hanging out with Damon Suede. He’s a great guy, awesome writer, and a ton of fun anytime. Anytime I can hang with him, I’m in heaven. Watching Abduction (in which there was no abduction, no one thought about abducting anyone, or even attempted it) as part of Cinema Craptastique. It is so much fun to be snarky about a film with a room full of equally snarky people! Live flash fiction in which the audience picked a character, location, and item and we had to just fly with it. OMG, the stress! The fear! The Muskrat LOVE!  Check it out here! 4. Readers, fans, writers, people – You know me. It’s all about the people. I talked with everyone and anyone. Plus I got a ton of free books and found some …


A Short Vacation

I recently took a short vacation. The reason was pretty simple. It’s cold outside and my husband wanted to be somewhere warm. Ergo…we spent our Christmas money on a 5 day trip to… Hawaii. Pineapples, girls in grass skirts, ripped boys in little board shorts. What’s not to love? Aspen. It’s cold outside, but we wanted to be really cold while skiing, then really warm in a hot tub. Cancun. Things are cheaper in Mexico, right? Well, maybe not in Cancun, but we thought they were cheaper there. Florida. Just how much money do you think we got for Christmas? Not enough for a long, expensive trip. *sigh* Answer: 4 – We went to Key Largo and Ft. Lauderdale. Sadly, it was rainy or overcast for most of the trip, but I still managed some sun. I also listened to two books on audio. My favorite? The Iron Duke by …

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Jade to Share her News on Fresh Fiction

Romance is always in the air at Fresh Fiction and they’re pleased to offer Jade a chance to share her latest thoughts. She’ll be doing a blog on Wednesday, January 6th. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh!        

Unexpected Thanks

I know that by the time this blog goes live, everyone will be deep into holiday shopping (or avoiding holiday shopping) and Thanksgiving will be a lost memory except for when our clothes feel tight. But for the moment, I’d like to slip there and revisit gratitude. We all know the three Fs — family, friends, and food. Add in the the basics of life like clothing and shelter, and we’ve got a list that will satisfy any social gathering. Except, I’m going to be grateful for the weird things. And you get to guess what they are. As always, the answer could be all, none, or some combination of my multiple choice. I’m grateful for… My cat when she brings us presents. Yes, Cinnamon adores hunting and bringing home her toys. My husband and I then spend a great deal of time chasing partially chewed mice about the house …

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