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Barbara Vey’s Reader Appreciation Luncheon

What a great event! I go every year, but somehow she manages to get better and better each time. So last year, I swore I’d make my table prettier than last time. Guess what I added? Tissue paper. Lots and lots of tissue paper. Who cares if it’s artistic? Gold nuggets are always stylish. I buried my table in books. Plush grizzly bears. Who doesn’t like to eat with a snuggly bear looking you in the eye? Answer: 3 and 4 – No tissue paper because whenever I use it, it just looks like a wad of paper. According to my friend and colleague Damon Suede, I failed to get the gay-man design gene. I have to agree. And as much as I’d like to bury my readers in gold, I can’t afford that. So they had to be happy with grizzly bears and books. Oh, and I added a little bit of

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I’m going to be travelling a bunch in the next four weeks. This past weekend I visited my daughters in Ann Arbor. Aren’t they lovely? Very mature and professional looking. I think they take after their mother. Next comes Barbara Vey’s event which will be over by the time this blog goes live. Watch for pictures on social media. Plus I’ve got a special #hashtag about the event. In case you missed the event, here’s my welcome speech. In my head, it was a rousing success. I have no idea how the real event is going to go! WECOME SPEECH – BARBARA VEY’S AUTHOR LUNCHEON Many years ago, I had an interview with a Publishers Weekly blogger named Barbara Vey. It’s a funny story if you want to ask either of us about it, but the punch line is that we talked much too long about everything and became lifelong


What’s in Your Closet?

I was recently impulsive. (Cue: shocked gasp. Wait, was no one surprised?) I agreed to do a spring cleaning. It’s pretty simple and I’ve done it before. You remove 27 items from your home a day for 9 days. Why 27? There was some elaborate numerology thing, but my last experience told me that 27 items is more than just surface junk. It forces you to deal with stuff without spending hours at it. And by the way, if you miss a day, you have to start over at day 1. Yesterday was day 6 for me. I sorted my dress pants into 3 categories. Category 1: they fit. Category 2: clothes from an era called “When I weighed less.” And Category 3: why the hell do I still own that? Because of my earlier purge, the never-in-a-million- years category only had 5 items. Which then caused me to dither.

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Can I Borrow Your Muse?

I recently turned in two manuscripts. The first was the copyedits for AS RICH AS A ROGUE by Jade Lee. Isn’t the cover pretty?  Next, I turned in the revisions for the first book in Kathy Lyons’ new grizzly shifter series, THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME. No cover for that yet, but I promise, it’s coming. Anyway, having turned everything in, I took a few days off. But now it’s Monday morning and it’s time for me to get to work on the next book. Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a plot? Or a clue? Guess what I do to try and stimulate my muse. And then guess if you think it works or not. (Hint: it can and is more than one of the following.) Take a nap. For a week. Go rollerblading. Eat yummy things. Watch TV. Read. Play with my cat. Meditate Clean house. Skydive.

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Guess What I’ve Changed!  

I’ve had the same style hair for a decade—short bob that the kids didn’t grab or bury in peanut butter. My clothing style was comfortable and hardy. And my home décor has been decided by the previous owners of the furniture I inherited. But I’ve been empty nesting for a few years now. Life has slowed down and my husband and I are earning enough to have a little extra. And here’s the clinker. My twenty-something daughters have emphasized that “Style” isn’t a dirty word. Now if you’ve met me at a conference, you know I have some beautiful clothes. Flowy fabric often with an Asian flare. Beautiful right? That’s style, right? Of course it is. And it fit perfectly with my penname Jade Lee. Except I’m also Kathy Lyons who is publishing more and more contemporary fun books. Laugh out loud books, some with paranormal twists, but all with distinctive modern humor.

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It’s not exactly spring here in Illinois, but it has warmed up enough that the snow has become icy rain. Yuck. There are moments when my Kitty Cinnamon braves the outdoors and comes back with wet fur and muddy paws. She seems to enjoy that way more than I do. So I’ll let you guess what I do when it’s gray and yucky outside. Nothing different. I work inside. So rain or shine, I’m sitting in my same chair trying to figure out how the hero can be heroic and how the heroine will finally give him the answer (to whatever question he has). I can’t work in darkness and my writing chair is right next to a window. So I sit and stare at the gray day and curse the weather while getting nothing done. I write blogs. Duh. And I have a lamp, so that whole, not writing

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Am I a Crazy Cat Lady?

My husband posed that question to me. Well, he didn’t POSE it, per se. He downright accused me of being a crazy cat lady. Let me point out that I only have ONE cat!  Her name is Cinnamon and here’s a picture of her as a kitten. Yes, she is in a bag of toilet paper and she is adorable. But since I only have one cat, I cannot be a crazy cat lady. However, the following list of facts might indeed suggest otherwise. You decide.  The picture of Cinnamon in the toilet paper bag is the background on my phone. I have more pictures of my various cats than I do of my children. But in all fairness, cell phones hadn’t been invented when my kids were at home.Since the bulk of my pictures are on my phone which I got long after the kids had moved out, I would say that’s just natural

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What I Do When It’s Cold!  

So it’s definitely cold outside. February in Illinois tends to get that way. Guess what I do when the temperature dips below freezing. (And, BTW, it’s definitely more than just one.)   Complain bitterly as I push the thermostat into the 80s. Plan a vacation to anyplace with a sundrenched beach.Here’s one from my December trip to Maui. Isn’t it beautiful?  Force my cat to sleep on my lap.     Take pictures of the weather and tweet about it. Explore hot drinks, including hot toddies, hot chocolate, and hot tea. (Hot coffee goes without saying. It’s the only way I open my eyes in the morning.) Snowball fight! Barely notice. I’m a writer. I sit inside and write. Who cares what’s happening outside? Scream as my cat burrows her cold, wet nose beneath my clothes to press it against my belly. Have fun with weird thermal leggings. Answer: 4,

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