Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to pop in quickly before the holiday to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and give you a quick update on what’s coming next year. I’ve had my head down writing day and night to create some super exciting new projects for your reading pleasure.

Ever Hear of Rejection Therapy?

Guess what it is: You eat lots of weird foods to find out what your body rejects most violently. You say “no” to at least one person a day. You go through your own closet and “reject” clothing by throwing it out. At least 28 pieces a day. Once there’s nothing left in your closet, you start on your things. It’s a quick way to a minimalist lifestyle. You do something daily where you know you’ll get turned down. Eventually getting told “no” won’t scare you, and you can start living life boldly. Answer: D – It is indeed a way to make yourself casual with being told “no.” The whole closet thing is a different technique where you discard 28 things a day for 10 days. It’s actually quite liberating, but that’s not where the idea for this book came from. In Sliding Home by Kathy Lyons—August 13, 2018 Brazen release—my …

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New Rule: No Holidays Allowed until I Finish Dying my Easter Eggs

I used to love holidays. Easter eggs, Halloween costumes, even flag day was fun. But since my kids have left home (Yippee, empty nesting!), I can’t be bothered to notice the passing of days. Well, that’s not exactly true. I count days by words written and deadlines missed or (fingers crossed) made. So now that we’ve finished Thanksgiving and are heading toward Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanza (not to mention Omisoka, St. Lucy’s day, and New Years) guess what my holiday plans look like. Plans? Who plans? I’m going to sit by a fire and read while my cat tries to drink my wine Husband is doing the tree and outdoor lights. I’m shopping to feed 1000 (aka my teenaged nieces and nephews). And amazon is delivering the rest. What holiday? Talk to me after I finish my next grizzly bear shifter romance. Pass the egg nog. My manscripts are written, the …

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Guess what I did for Halloween? Turned off all the lights in the house, didn’t answer the door, then ate all the candy myself. Forgot all about it, went out to dinner, and came home to eggs splattered on my front door. Forgot all about it and stared stupidly at the miniature Capt. America, witch, and ghost when they asked for candy. They got the new pair of socks I’d just bought and some catalogs. Put together my Christmas List Answer: None of the above.  I had planned to put together my Christmas List, but I was too busy eating the candy myself. Fortunately, there were lots of little kids who helped me out. Guess what’s exciting that’s going on now! New Website!  Yup – check out www.KathyLyons.com  and the $200 contest giveaway! Also look for the Easter egg which as of this moment, I still haven’t found. New book release!  Seducing the …


Sunday Rituals

It’s Sunday and I really just want to continue a Buffy marathon. I’m on season 3 now and I just love Joss Whedon’s talent. Every episode makes me smile. Great structure, amazing dialogue, and such a sense of fun while slaying. It rocks! My favorite line today is from Giles. He’s mocking Buffy’s mom. See my new mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans! In Joyce’s defense (Buffy’s mom) she didn’t know it raised the dead. Here’s a picture of Joss in all his glory! So while I was bemoaning having to work on Sunday (because I didn’t get this done during the week) my husband offered to start the blog for me. Guess which of the following suggestions came from him. Rhapsodize on the brilliance of baseball. Especially Tiger baseball. (Hint: He grew up in Michigan) Landscaping companies don’t seem to be very well organized. Even though they ask for the …

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Do I regret it?

I gave up coffee this week. Do I regret it? Happy Monday Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Many times during my life, I have determined that my health and happiness would be improved by going caffeine-free. I’m trying it again, so this morning’s quiz is guess what I drink instead of my morning latte to wake up. Can you guess: Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Waitsomeone once told me that there might be caffeine in chocolate. Couldn’t be! Green smoothie. I put a bunch of leafy greens and whatever fruit I have into a blender. Spin and voilabreakfast! (Also called Kathy’s Morning Pond Scum) Wake up? Who wakes up in the morning? I’ll have you know I get up at the crack of noon. Chicken bouillon cube dissolved in a mug of hot water. Tastes like broth, is hot, and only has 5 calories! None of the above. …

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My Daughter's Pets

So last week, I told you about my daughter’s trauma with the mouse in the house. (It was successfully killed by her cat with no harmful after effects.) This week you get to guess what her favorite childhood pet was. A pet mouse that was famous for escaping out of his cage and running over to visit her in the middle of the night. A pet cat that she wore as a stole over her shoulders whenever she went to bed. Chilean rose tarantula. She would let it climb all over her while she watched tv. No pets. Are you kidding? We have allergies in this house! AND THE ANSWER IS Answer: 1. Yes, the child who was so traumatized last week by a mouse in the house did indeed have a pet mouse that she adored. We later tried our hands at fish, cats, and for a very short …

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OMG, It’s Monday! Week#1

Hello Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons fans! Got a quick funny for you this morning. My daughter called me this morning VERY UPSET. (She sometimes talks in capitol letters). Guess why. Law school exams have made her insane. It’s cold in Michigan, and after 7 years in the south, she just can’t handle it. It’s cold in Michigan and after 7 years in the south, her CAR can’t handle it. Her cat had caught a mouse and wasn’t giving it up. He was under her bed and growling whenever she came near. She needs money. Answer: 4. Although she’s called for every single one of those reasons as one point or anotherespecially the needing money partbut this morning was a mouse! OMG a MOUSE! Somehow, the child has lived rodent free for most of her life. Probably because in the south, mice don’t need to come inside to get warm. …

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