I am not big into police procedurals. Honestly, I’m not clever enough to follow the clues to find the murderer. It’s why I don’t read a lot of mysteries. If Murder She Wrote challenges my mental faculties, a tv show based on books by Michael Connelly is going to be too complicated for me to enjoy. Or so I thought.

Toddy Method

The Toddy Method

My friend and publicist Kim from Author’s Umbrella saw my post on facebook about the Toddy Method and said, Wait! What is this??? So guess what the Toddy Method is?

Gentleman Jack

Gentleman Jack

My husband and I were doing something, and he remarked, “This falls under ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction.’ If it were done as fiction, no one would believe it.” Guess what we were doing.


Guess what I discovered during quarantine? How long I can play PvZ2? That I can’t cook? THat I am a bad handyman? Codenames Online?

During Quarantine

What I’m Doing During Quarantine

We’re all going a little stir crazy. Us extroverts a little more than others. So as a wildly extroverted person, I thought I’d share with you how I’m coping. Guess if any of these are true.

Books I Love | A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris


I’m trying to get in the habit of telling people online about books I read that I really enjoy. My tastes are all over the place, so don’t expect consistency. You’re as likely to hear about my new tarot deck as a romance novel.