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My blog tour continues at Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess on Saturday, Dec. 12. See what I have to say and share your own thoughts with me here. Looking forward to hearing from you! It’s out now: ONE ROGUE AT A TIME, my latest historical romance. Fill your holidays with love and intrigue. Read it now!      

The Holidays are Coming – as well as One Very Sexy Rogue!

I’ve got a book coming out December 1! Guess what it’s about. A. Hot aliens land, abduct my cat, and I have adventures as I go off and rescue my sweet Cinnamon. B. A hot, hot hero takes a hot, hot heroine to Antarctica where they get naked, cool off, and then discuss their pets as they return home to their real lives. C. Grizzly bear shifters. Need I say more? D. A woman intent on proving her legitimacy and the rogue she needs to help her achieve her goals. Answer: C! Just kidding. There might be Grizzly bear shifters in my future, but that’s for another time. The answer is indeed D (though I’d love to read about A). One Rogue at a Time is releasing soon. Check it out here  including a first chapter excerpt and a deleted scene! The reviews have been great. RT even gave it a …

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Guess What Happened Last Week!

A way cool thing happened to me last week.  Guess what? (And BTW, it can be more than one.) Aliens landed, converted my backyard to an oil field and I am now filthy rich and covered in black tar. I went to Dallas to hang out with the awesome Cindy Dees and all those great people at Boas & Tiaras http://events.freshfiction.com/boas-tiaras/ Pictures are on my Facebook page. WFAA Texas Wednesday Reads called my book cover sexy! I had a full night’s sleep wherein my cat Cinnamon did NOT wake me early because she was dying of starvation. Answer: 2 and 3.  Sadly, aliens did not make me filthy rich and apparently my fat cat still thinks she’s dying of starvation at about 3 am every night. So yes, I did go to Boas & Tiaras and had a great time. Here’s a picture of me in my tiara which got crushed in my suitcase. I’m …

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