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The WINNERS from My Contest

Thanks so much for visiting my March contest on Rachel Van Dyken’s Facebook page! Even if you didn’t answer the questions on the quiz correctly, you were still eligible for my great prizes. And now…. Drum roll, please. The winners are: Grand Prize: Anita Hui First runner up: Denise Luscan Second runner up: June Fortune Skapik Third runner up: Michele Hayes The runners up each will receive an e-copy of ROCK HARD/MADE FLESH. The Grand Prize winner will receive an e-copy of ROCK HARD/MADE FLESH plus a $50 gift card to the book retailer of her choice. Please email for details on how to claim your prize!  

Aren’t I Done With This? #HoldOntoTheLight by Jade Lee / Kathy Lyons

The #HoldOntoTheLight campaign has asked authors to share openly about depression and since I’ve struggled with it all my life, I was asked to participate. The good news is that I’m so much better than I was before. In fact, every day is a joyous smile of yes, yes, yes!  And yes, I’m lying.  The truth is that every day is NOT a glorious wave of internal joy, but on the whole,  it’s way better than it was before. Depression is hard and thoughts of suicide are real. I know,  I’ve been there. Guess what was the most important thing I learned about my depressions. Johnny Depp did not cheer me up. Even his 21 Jump Street.  Depression is a cycle. Sure I’ll get depressed again. Maybe even linger on (obsess about) suicide. But I climbed out the last dozen times, and I’ll climb out this time, too. That’s a certainty. …

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The Life of the Historical Writer

Hello everyone! Here’s another of my unique interactive blogs! This one focuses on my thoughts about writing historical fiction. Tell me what you think and remember the answer can be more than one or none of the above. And don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded at the end. Question number #1 is, as a historical author, guess which of the following “facts” was most interesting to me. Martha Washington was really a ninja superspy! I was born near NYC, a city which is near and dear to my heart! In the Regency period, Prinny was actually the creator of modern aerobics. He loved to have the orchestra play music while he hopped around on stage. In the Regency period, brides didn’t wear the big white dress. That came about in Victoria’s reign. Instead, the bride’s shoes were special with her name, the groom’s name, and the date written on the sole of …

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Kathy Lyons (aka Jade Lee)

Holiday Recovery!

I am sitting at my (brand new!) computer for the first time in a week. Everyone has left from the holiday and it took me an hour to re-assemble my writing space from where I’d thrown things to hide them from company. I still don’t know where the new book outline is, but that’s okay.