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Kathy Lyons has more than 60 published romance novels including 15 contemporary romances featuring baseball players, CEOs, and worthy heroes from all walks of life. Intelligent leading men and powerful heroines populate these tales of love and connection in the modern age. Locker Room Diaries Series Stand Alone Books, Novellas, and Anthologies Latest Contemporary OMG It’s Monday!

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I am not a woman who repeats phases. I’m a been-there-done-that kind of girl. There’s so much more in the world to explore, why would I go back to something I’ve already done? I don’t usually repeat movies or books, would much rather go to a new restaurant no matter how weird than repeat an old one, and I’m not even all that excited about repeat vacations. Give me something new. So it was with considerable shock that I’m repeating two of the following phases. Guess which ones. Was hugely into it 28 years ago, and have suddenly decided to buy my own bowling ball and shoes. Crochet, embroidery, needlework I used to do it all before kids. Suddenly, I’m stocking up on yarn and looking at specialty hooks again. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I started reading Joss Whedon’s biography and just had to revisit this awesome TV show. When

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Sunday Rituals

It’s Sunday and I really just want to continue a Buffy marathon. I’m on season 3 now and I just love Joss Whedon’s talent. Every episode makes me smile. Great structure, amazing dialogue, and such a sense of fun while slaying. It rocks! My favorite line today is from Giles. He’s mocking Buffy’s mom. See my new mask? Isn’t it pretty? It raises the dead. Americans! In Joyce’s defense (Buffy’s mom) she didn’t know it raised the dead. Here’s a picture of Joss in all his glory! So while I was bemoaning having to work on Sunday (because I didn’t get this done during the week) my husband offered to start the blog for me. Guess which of the following suggestions came from him. Rhapsodize on the brilliance of baseball. Especially Tiger baseball. (Hint: He grew up in Michigan) Landscaping companies don’t seem to be very well organized. Even though they ask for the

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August Musings

Hello Beautiful! I’m having a lovely August, how about you? I was in NYC for the Romance Writers of America national conference last month, so guess what I did when I got home? Laundry. Duh. Slept for a week. Might have something to do with the massive hangover from RITA night. Rapidly got together a bunch of proposals for new projects and whipped them off to editors all over the publishing industry. Binge-watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Answer: 4. I’ve been reading a biography of Joss Whedon and just had to relive those Buffy years. Laundry is only now being contemplated a week later. I have a plethora of ratty shorts and tanks, but even those are getting low. As for the rest, well you might see a few new projects in the wind in the next few months, but nothing happens fast in this industry.   Something cool did

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Exciting Week!

So this week is really exciting for me. Guess why? Because my life is always exciting! I get to dream up stuff and write it down! I have a very rich fantasy life. 🙂 I’m going to be in NYC for the RWA National conference. I’ll get to see my writer peeps, talk books with my editors, and generally hang out in the Big Apple! THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR by Kathy Lyons finally releases!  Woo hoo! Answer: 3 and 4.   Yup, it’s A double whammy week. I’m going to be in NYC for the Romance Writers of America conference.  I’ll be speaking and part of the Awards Ceremony, so if you’re there, come find me!  We can have a chat and a chew and a good time all around. This is also the week when my newest Kathy Lyons book, THE PLAYER NEXT DOOR releases. It’s a really fun book about the silliness

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Cover Reveal

I’ve got some exciting things coming up. Guess what! A cover reveal for One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee. It’s an amazing heart-throbbing romance. Duh. That’s what the subject heading is. A new book out from Kathy Lyons. The Player Next Door. It’s an incredibly cool story that will melt your heart. RWA National Conference (that’s Romance Writers of America, for those who were wondering) in NYC. I’ll be there. Will you? Be sure to see me at my panel appearance on Writing a Novel in 30 Days. I’m going to be part of RWA’s award ceremony. Yup! I was asked to create part of a story about a woman coming to New York to find her dream come true. My part? I created the villain and will read my section of the story during the ceremony. Answer: All of the Above!  TheThe Player Next Door has been revealed for a while, and is

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