I’ve got a book coming out December 1! Guess what it’s about.

A. Hot aliens land, abduct my cat, and I have adventures as I go off and rescue my sweet Cinnamon.Litty in chair
B. A hot, hot hero takes a hot, hot heroine to Antarctica where they get naked, cool off, and then discuss their pets as they return home to their real lives.
C. Grizzly bear shifters. Need I say more?
D. A woman intent on proving her legitimacy and the rogue she needs to help her achieve her goals.

Answer: C! Just kidding. There might be Grizzly bear shifters in my future, but that’s for another time. The answer is indeed D (though I’d love to read about A). One Rogue at a Time is releasing soon. Check it out here  including a first chapter excerpt and a deleted scene!


The reviews have been great. RT even gave it a TOP PICK!

“This lively, humorous romp – Lee’s ingenious take on My Fair Lady – may be her best book yet! It’s certainly hard to put down, and even more difficult not to laugh out loud as her delightful characters engage in a war of wills that dissolves into madness. Readers will enjoy ever enchanting moment. 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick!” – RT Book Reviews

What else is going on? I’m so glad you asked! My NEW WEBSITE is up! Complete with a contest to win $200. Click here to enter. There’s an Easter egg there too on the fan page, but I still haven’t found it. Oy!

And lastly, guess where you’ll find me Nov 13-15.

A. Antarctica. I’m that hot babe who needs to cool off!
B. In bed writing. Duh. Grizzly bear shifters don’t write themselves!
C. In my closet chasing the live mouse my cat brought in as a gift.
D. In Allen, TX (near Dallas) for Readers and ‘Ritas!

Answer: D. Of course I’ll be at Readers and Ritas! I’ve been to every one and they’re awesome. So come see me there. I’ll have goodies! Kathy Halloween