My new website launched last week. Guess what the most adored part of my website is.

  1. Damon Suede
  2. The rafflecopter contest for $200 at the e-retailer of your choice.
  3. The graphics of my latest two books. Aren’t they pretty?
  4. That it’s 1000 x better than my last website.

Answer: 1 – Yes, everyone loves the man who has nothing to do with my website except that he’s a good friend. As for the other ones, they are the reasons I love the website. David-Suede-for-Oct-26---2

There is something that didn’t work in the first few days of launch. Something that by the time this is published I really hope works. But I have a fix here for those of you reading. So…wanna guess what it is?

  1. Damon Suede
  2. The rafflecopter
  3. The graphics
  4. My old website keeps showing up instead of the new one.

Answer: 2 – The contest didn’t work at first. There was no way to enter. Oops. As of this writing, the only way to enter the contest is to tweet about it. Better, but not perfect. Hopefully by the time you read this, there will be a half dozen ways to enter. Fortunately, I have a fix here. If you make a comment on this blog, you’ll be added into that rafflecopter contest. I promise! So want to win $200?  Comment!

David-Suede-for-Oct-26---1As for the rest – Damon hasn’t worked a day in his life because he loves what he does. Life is play for him, and so he never works and he likes it that way. The graphics—as far as I know—are wonderful. And my old website has gone into the website graveyard and it better not come back. I’ve got a stake and a cross ready to seal it into oblivion!

So now it’s your turn. Tell me what you like about my new website and win $200!  Also I can’t find the EASTER EGG on my website. Have no clue where it is. If found, please point to it in the comments!