As Rick as a RogueThe world has lots of exciting and scary things going on right now. I’ve been watching the news and trying to balance normal life sanity with keeping up with what’s going on outside my door. And in the middle of that, I realized I’ve got four books coming out this fall. Yes, FOUR!   The first is out now! AS RICH AS A ROGUE, the third installment in my Rakes and Rogues series launched last week!  Woo hoo!


Here’s the problem. There’s a ton of work to do before a new book’s release and I’ve been avoiding all of it. So here are my Top 6 Ways I’ve been avoiding promotion work:


  1. WENT ON A DIET – There’s really no time to do promotion when I’m sneaking chocolate and then yelling at myself for sneaking chocolate.


  1. GOT LOST IN THE NEWS – It’s a scary world out there and there’s a lot going on. I’ve been fascinated by Brexit, presidential campaigns, insane violence, and everything all those Late Night Comedians are saying about it. Who has time to write a blog when I haven’t seen John Oliver’s latest video?


  1. GOT LOST IN SOME GOOD BOOKS – I started reading a few books, and then had to fly through the rest of the series right away. I’m currently on Rebecca Zanetti’s Sin Brothers series. Yum! Before that I ate up Piper J. Drake’s True Hero series (yippee about books with working dogs!).  Also Katie Ruggle’s Search and Rescue series plus Julie Ann Walker’s Deep Six series, both feature getting warm with a dive buddy!


  1. WEEKEND TRIP TO NASHVILLE – Hubby and I went to Nashville to see Carrie Underwood and others at the Grand Ole Opry. Amazing! And, I admit it, we walked around downtown and made fun of some Confederate statues. I didn’t get a great picture of Carrie, but here’s one of Darius Rucker. He’s great, too!

Darius Rucker #2

  1. FINISHED WRITING GRIZZLIES GONE WILD SERIES – Remember those other three books coming out this fall? They’re all part of Kathy Lyons’ new series about Grizzly Bear Shifters! I’ve been writing like a rabid bear making sure they’re fun and sexy! The first one is THE BEAR WHO LOVED ME by Kathy Lyons coming out in September.


  1. SHIPPED MY ASSISTANT OFF TO ALASKA – Yup, that’s how awful I am. I shipped her off to Alaska where she has very unpredictable internet and can’t bug me to do all my blogs and stuff. And when she calls me, I pretend we have a bad connection. Yes, I’m that terrible!


Until next time!





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